Three Falls Ride – Sea To Sky Highway

Early spring rides can be a bit cool, but rewarding with the right weather.  This was one such ride – totally unplanned, hop on the bike and go!  It was mid April and the sun was out.  Giselle and I planned to ride up the Sea To Sky Highway – Highway 99 North from Vancouver to Pemberton.

Our first stop was the beautiful Shannon Falls Park, just south of Squamish.  We stopped for a short hike to the falls and then got the heck outta Dodge as a Japanese tour bus was unloading….

Next on our list was Brandywine Falls, just a bit south of Whistler.  The hike in to the viewing platform is well worth it.  What a spectacular view!  I am willing to bet many people have just kept on going past this small park on their way to Whistler.  They do not know what they are missing.

Last but not least is Nairn Falls, just south of Pemberton.  It is quite a hike into the viewing area, about 20 minutes on a good trail, but again, worth the hike. The Green River hurtles through a narrow crack in the rocks and the sheer volume of water rushing through is impressive.

We ventured into Pemberton for a late lunch at the One Mile Eatery.  Slow service, but not bad food.  All in all, a great day of riding with some awesome scenery.