Another walkabout…

I woke up early again today to the noise of church bells and children heading to school.  It is a real nice change to see well dressed children walking to school in nice neat uniforms and not being driven by their parents.  The street intersection in front of my apartment was controlled by a police officer this morning to help the young ones cross safely.  The school is about a half a block down and the road was closed to vehicles while the children walked, many with their parents, towards the school yard.

I met up with Chuck and Susan again for a 4.5 km walk around the outskirts of town this morning.  We took literally the same route that Giselle and I walked back in August 2019 . I took a few photos along the way, including one from almost the exact spot taken in 2019 with a cow or two in a meadow surrounded by Eucalyptus trees.  The scent from the trees was very evident today, it cleared my sinuses…LOL.

2019 photo with more trees.





Same area with many trees removed….



We walked down the same dirt road back into town.  A huge change from 2019 with a new large development under construction (another gated community) and an abandoned building on a small rise with huge potential that seems to be taken over by the local motorcycle gang…

After coming back into Cotacachi, I found another beautifully painted wall…added to my collection.