Chuck’s ‘Lemming aide’

I went out early this morning for another walkabout, this time by myself as there was some confusion as to where I was meeting up with Chuck and Susan.  While they were wandering about town looking down every street, knocking on my door, worried something had happened to me, I was out and about enjoying a brisk walk.

I waited for them at the appointed time, but at the wrong place.  I assumed they just couldn’t make it so I headed out.  Mama Cotacachi was visible early this morning with only a bit of cloud cover.  This is what towers over the small town of the same name.  At over 16,000 ft (4944 m), it is quite impressive.

If you are wondering what all the fuzzy stuff is on the telephone wires, that is a form of bromelia, a plant that grows well here….

Anyway, I walked quite a ways and came down a road leading to a bridge across a creek.  I headed up the other side a ways and realized I didn’t know if there was another road back into town.  I opened my Google Maps app on my phone (I downloaded a map of the country when I was online) and found no circle route back, so I trudged back up the hill the way I had come.  It took quite a while as I have not yet quite acclimatized myself to the elevation here (8,000ft+).

I eventually made it to Chuck and Susan’s place and standing outside their gate, was able to access their wifi.  They had been trying to message me for quite some time… LOL.  Susan finally came to the gate and let me in.  Chuck was still somewhere in town looking for me…

It was about 8:30 when Chuck arrived and I was offered a coffee.  Well, I had just finished a tiring walk and needed a refreshing drink and I know Chuck has a special brew he makes that just fits the occasion – his famous Lemming aide.

Chuck has a few lemon trees growing in the back yard and they are always heavy with fruit.  Rather than throw them away (there are lots), he figured out a recipe for brewing them into a drink with the alcohol content of wine – about 12%.  He has several varieties, one with ginger in it and another with ginger and jalapeno.  They are extremely refreshing poured over ice.