Leather Street

Many of my posts mention ‘Leather Street’, so named for the many stores that offer finely crafted leather products.  The actual street name is ’10 de Augusto’.  I took a walk down about a three block stretch of the street and poked my head into many of the stores to grab a photo of what is offered.  These are just a small number of the many stores that line this beautiful, clean street in Cotacachi.

Most of the products are made right here in Cotacachi.  There is actually a school (university?) here that teaches the craft.  It is said several of the leather craftsmen here are some of the best in the world.

After my walk, I wandered into one of my favourite dining spots – CooCoo’s Nest.  The lunch special today was pesto pasta with shrimp.  It was delicious!  $6.00. 🙂

It started raining after lunch – thunder and all, so I headed back to my apartment after picking up a fine bottle of wine from Spain that I will taste this evening….