A morning walkabout

I went for a walkabout this morning with friends Chuck and Susan Bussey.  According to my iPhone health app – 6700 steps.  Not bad as I was back home before 9:00AM.  The last time Giselle and I stayed here, we were woken up every morning to the sounds of gas powered leaf blowers in the park across the street.  I haven’t heard any this time and so got up early to see why.  There was a crew in the park SWEEPING up the leaves and stuff that was on the ground.  A nice change.  I wonder if someone complained about the early morning noise in the park.

Chuck and Susan showed up precisely at the agreed upon time and we started our walk.  I came across many streets that I didn’t recognize anymore because of all the new homes constructed.  The lower end of 10 de Augusto (Leather Street) where Giselle and I rented an apartment in 2018 was almost unrecognizable.  There were several new apartments on the street that literally crowded out the unit we stayed in…the house with the green gate.

It is Sunday and the mercado was extremely busy.  I was going to go in and buy some more fruit but it was very busy and crowded with indigenous people who come into town for church and shopping on Sundays, so I opted out.  I headed back to my apartment and had a nap… 🙂 

As I write this, it has started raining.  A very hard downpour that clears the air, washes the streets and generally cleans everything up.  I’m heading over to Athena Homebrew this afternoon to join Chuck and Susan in helping celebrate Roger and Malena’s first Sunday opening….it should be a fun afternoon.