An Afternoon Walk in Cotacachi

Well, we just can’t get enough of this beautiful little town in north central Ecuador!  After a nice lunch at Hornados “Dona Mary” at the market up by the bus depot. ($2.50 each) we headed out on another ‘discovery walk’, this time to look at a small plot of land just on the outskirts of town that was for sale.  The views of the mountains were just what we were looking for.  Maybe a future home?…..

After having a look at the lot, we ventured further out of town down a dirt road and into a forested area of eucalyptus trees.  The road meandered down towards a stream that had been redirected by concrete culverts to provide irrigation to local farms.

Further on we came across a tree lined country road with farms enclosed by high walls that had beautifully landscaped entryways.  We walked for about a kilometer on this road before coming back into Cotacachi.

Once back in town, we came across some more painted murals and another nice door/window.  It doesn’t matter where you walk in Cotacachi,  there is always something beautiful to look at!