Back in Cotacachi!

I’m going to try to post more often here and turn this thing back into a blog.  Giselle and I are back in Cotacachi, Ecuador for a two week vacation after a very busy spring and summer preparing things for a very successful Gold Wing motorcycle rally in 100 Mile House.

We arrived last Saturday after an uneventful flight with Aeromexico from Vancouver, with a 4 hour layover in Mexico City.  We had a Timmies breakfast at the airport in Vancouver before our early morning flight, then were served a hot breakfast on the plane.  We lunched at our favourite restaurant at the airport in Mexico City, then were served another hot dinner (with free beer) on the plane before arriving in Quito an hour late after takeoff delays in Mexico.

Lunch in Mexico City – the pizza was on its way, not just beers!


We landed in Quito around 11:30pm.  Customs was a breeze.  When we exited the secure area, there were hundreds of people all lined up waving signs with people’s names on them.  We did not see our name anywhere so continued through the throng out to the taxi area.  We were expecting to be picked up by a shuttle to our motel, but did not see anything, so we took a taxi.

When we arrived at our motel, we learned that the owner, Dom, was at the airport looking for us!  Anyway, we got checked in and taken to our room which was in another building a few blocks away. Quito Airport Suites is very close to the airport, and a less expensive alternative to the Wyndham which is about as close to the terminal as you can get.

The next morning, our favourite driver from Cotacachi, Guillermo, picked us up on time and drove us to our AirBnB in the centre of Cotacachi.

The view from our centrally located apartment overlooking the main square in Cotacachi.