A Walk Around the Block…

Yesterday was one of those vacation days where we did absolutely nothing, except for our usual walk somewhere unspecific.  This time we headed eastward out of town towards Ibarra, at least I think it is east.  My sense of direction here on the equator is nonexistent!  Anyway, we walked until the paved streets ended and went further on gravel roads through some of the barrios just out of Cotacachi.  We came across some interesting buildings.

The beautiful painted door to the left led to an empty lot.  The door and the walls around it are probably hundreds of years old!

The painted building was on a narrow lot that was triangle shaped with a small coffee shop at the front, narrowest part.



We came across some strange and beautiful plants along the roadway.  Not sure if any of the fruits were edible, we have seen similar ones in the markets.

After a couple of hours, we ended back at our apartment, totally winded from the elevation.