Stewart to Dease Lake

Day four started out like day three – pouring rain and miserable.  We had coffee, packed up and decided to have breakfast somewhere along the way. It rained off and on most of the day…  We made it out to Bell II, a heli ski resort somewhere between Meziadin Junction and Iskut.  They let us stay in the lobby to warm up and had some hot soup and sandwiches available.  The soup was delicious!  Giselle had what she called the best “Montreal Style” french-fries she has ever had.  After warming up and refueling, we carried on.

Our next planned stop was Iskut, a small Indigenous community in the middle of nowhere.  The rain stopped for a bit along the way and we managed to take a few pictures.  After refueling, we went into the small coffee shop attached to the gas station to warm up.  They treated us to free coffee, so we stayed and chatted a bit.

Once back on the road, we enjoyed the scenery and continued on to our destination – Dease Lake.  We arrived with plenty of time to get settled in to our rooms at the Northway Motor Inn.  The receptionist was friendly and happy to see us.  They even supplied rags to clean our bikes with and the rooms were spacious and clean.  After settling in, we sauntered over to the only eating place in town – The Shack.  It is a one person takeout with a great selection of comfort food.

After our meal, we settled in for the evening, anxious to get going the next day as it was going to be a long one….