Back in Cotacachi!!

Well, here we are, back in our favourite little town in paradise!  It feels so good to come back, renew old friendships, check out what has changed, what is new, what is gone….

Here is what we had to do before even heading to the airport in Vancouver:

  • Download the United Airlines app and upload all our personal information – passports, Nexus information, proof of vaccination, credit card.
  • Get a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in Ecuador.  We didn’t need it to enter Ecuador, but needed some sort of negative test to just land in the US while travelling through.

We arrived at the airport and cleared security – they were really picky with Giselle’s bag, but I flew right through with no questions.  Then on to US immigration.  Picture taken, proof of negative test and on we went to our gate, but first a stop at Tim Hortons for a breakfast bite and coffee….

United Airlines insists on loading the plane, once all the upper class is loaded, from the front to the back.  What a madhouse!  Do people not understand that one piece of carryon must go under your seat, and the larger of the two must go above?  I kind of felt sorry for those who loaded after us, as most of the overhead bins were needlessly stuffed with smaller backpacks, purses, and duffel bags that were definitely oversized and should have been checked in, not carried on.

When we booked our flights back in May, we selected an aisle seat and a window seat in the same row.  It worked out perfectly on the flight from Denver to Houston – we had the row to ourselves!  Everyone wore masks without any uprisings or angst directed to the hard working stewards.  All three flights went smoothly without incident.

We arrive at the airport in Quito around 11:30PM.  Customs was waiting with about 10 booths open.  It went really quickly.  My Fraser Health vaccination card was accepted without question, passport stamped, and cleared to go!  The immigration officer even welcomed me to Ecuador.  Our checked baggage was waiting for us on the carousel when we cleared, and that was it.  No other security checks, baggage inspections, etc.  We hailed a cab who took us to our motel – Motel Alpachaca.

Checking in  was easy, the room was spacious, clean and comfortable.  Breakfast was included on the rooftop patio the next morning.  A great way to start our three week vacation back in Ecuador!