A Trip to a Friend’s Finca (Farm)

After a delicious breakfast at Subs Station, Cotacachi, we were picked up by our friend Don and headed out towards Otavalo for a drive up the mountainside to friend Jeanine’s small farm.

The road up to the farm is paved, but not one that a Gold Wing motorcycle could easily handle.  It is riddled with potholes and some of the speed bumps would hang up most smaller cars.  There is a large concrete plant partway up and therefore, tons of heavy truck traffic.  All that being said, some of the views along the way are fantastic!

We arrived safely after climbing over 3,000ft above the valley floor.  The farm is about 40 hectares, and runs along the side of a slope with stunning views of Cotacachi Volcano and the surrounding countryside.  Jeanine has milk cows, and several nice horses.  The milk is sold to a dairy producer in the valley.  She sells off a bull once in a while for a bit of extra money.

It was Jeanine’s son’s birthday and we brought pizza and refreshments up from town to help celebrate.  The cows were brought in from the pasture for milking while we were there and so we watched the procedure.  My phone died just as I started to take some pictures of it. But I did get a shot of one of the young calfs.