A trip to the market….

Once we got settled in to our apartment, we needed to go to the market for some groceries.  There are two basic grocery stores that we know of here in Cotacachi – TIA Supermarket, and Monica’s Supermercado.  Both are located on the main drag – 10 de Augusto, or Leather Street, so named for its leather shops selling everything from purses to shoes and boots and awesome jackets.  Then there is the market….

We walked away with $7.00 worth of veggies and fruits….

We then headed down to TIA for some basics – mayo, salt and pepper, mustard, and some wine.  TIA now has a nice selection of imported wines from Chile, Argentina, Spain and Portugal.  Average price – $5.99/bottle.

Then it was over to Monica’s for things that aren’t ordinarily available in Ecuador.  She imports a lot of American products for the local expats.  We picked up some balsamic salad dressing, and some locally grown coffee that TIA doesn’t carry – one of our favourites – RIO Intag.  Surprisingly, we could not find my favourite snack food – fried plantain chips!  We looked everywhere.