A dreary, rainy Saturday in Cotacachi

It has been raining off and on the past few days here in Cotacachi.  I did manage to get out for pickleball yesterday morning after a steady rain all night.  It cleared up a bit in the morning, then more thunderstorms hit in the afternoon with showers all evening.  This is a good thing for Ecuador, as the rainy season we are supposed to be in hasn’t been near as wet as normal.  So much so that the government has instituted a series of rolling power outages throughout the country over the last month or two because of the extreme low level of water in its power generating reservoirs.

I have been getting more involved with the local pickleball group lately.  They have moved into another new location, this time indoors.  I helped out with the laying out of the courts last week.  Here are a few pics I took over the last few days of the original outdoor courts and the newer indoor courts.  A huge improvement!

My typical day starts here around 6:00AM.  That’s when the church bells start ringing across the park from my apartment.  They seem to go off about every 15-20 minutes until about 7:30, reminding everyone it is time to come and pray.  I put on a cup of smooth local coffee (Rio Intag) and have a nice breakfast made up of fresh fruits, and a cup of yogurt.

After breakfast, it is time for a walk if the weather looks good.  Up until yesterday, the morning weather was great.  I usually meet up with Chuck and Susan Bussey, local expat friends that Giselle and I met a couple of years ago, around 7:30.  We have a couple of circuits that we take heading just out of town either east or west, about 2-3 kms.

Depending on the day of the week (Mon, Wed, Fri) I then head over to play pickleball around 9:00AM.  There are generally around 15-20 people that come out regularly to play.  A mix of expats from around the world, local Ecuadorians and even some younger kids.  We play casually as there is a mix of people playing from beginner to expert.  We keep the play less competitive and rotate through so everybody gets a chance to play.  It is a good workout and lots of fun.  For those that want a more competitive play, we can book a time on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.

After pickleball, I usually head over to Doc’s Place for a cool beer and maybe some lunch.  Dewey’s Grill is just behind Doc’s.  It is run by a friendly Canadian expat couple.  They produce great breakfasts, but their copy of the big mac from McDonalds is a local favourite.  Sometimes I will check out a local Almuerzo or lunch spot.  I can get a basic lunch consisting of a bowl of soup, rice with chicken, fish or pork, vegetables, and a fruit smoothie for under $3.00. 

After lunch, I usually head back to my apartment for a nap.  I’m retired and can do what I want!  Sometimes I get on the web and update websites and of course, add to this blog.  Internet speeds here are fantastic!  I did the speed test when arriving here and here are the results:

Around 4:00PM I head out for another walk, sometimes to the market or local grocery store, sometimes to Doc’s for a beer.  Whatever I feel like at the time.  Afterwards, I will either head home to cook up a bite to eat or go to a local restaurant.  Cotacachi is a foodie’s dream.  I blogged about it last spring (Cotacachi – A Foodie’s Dream…) but will say a few more things here.  I have my favourite spots – Aliani’s Pizza, La Vaca Gorda, El Coyote, Subs Station, and Coo Coo’s Nest just to name a few.  There are so many choices and the selection is growing all the time.  I’m done for the day – time for a beer!