Our final day in Morocco started with a bus trip to Casablanca.  The scenery changed from dry desert-like terrain to lush green as we approached the coastline.

We stopped for lunch in a waterfront restaurant and then headed into the city for a tour of the King Hassad II Mosque – one of the largest mosques in the world.  It was truly very spectacular.  We were not permitted to go inside.

After the tour we were then taken to the site of the only Christian church in Morocco.  It was quite ornately decorated with beautiful stained glass windows.

Our trip ended with a free evening in Casablanca.  Giselle and I walked a ways and found a restaurant called ‘Casa Jose‘.  We went in expecting Mexican food.  It turned out to be a seafood restaurant and we were served some of the best seafood ever!  The waiter recommended some plates and wine and we just ordered whatever he suggested.  It was absolutely one of the best seafood selections I have ever had.  So glad we found it.

This ended our trip with Gate 1 Tours in Morocco.  I highly recommend it!  The hotels were first class, the guides were excellent and we learned a lot about the history and culture of this amazing country. And the food was absolutely amazing!!  We will most definitely return one day on our own.