May 2 – A Rose for My Sweetie!

Our final day of adventure in Ecuador started out with a visit to a local market in Pelileo.  The variety and freshness of the fruits and vegetables was amazing.  Everything is grown locally, by hand, completely organic!

After a short visit we headed up the highway through Ambato towards a rose plantation.  One of the primary exports of Ecuador, we learned, was fresh cut roses.  Inside the plantation, the scent of fresh roses was overwhelming…

After the visit to the plantation, we were taken to a special place for lunch.  A 400 year old hacienda!  The meal was awesome, with live Ecuadorean music from a local group to entertain us as we dined. The surrounding gardens were beautiful as well.

The tour was coming to a close.  Long lasting friendships were made and Giselle and I were sure we would be returning, much sooner than we ever thought…..stay tuned for Ecuador!, part two….