May 1 – More Adventures

The next day we left the jungle and headed back into the mountains for more adventures.  Except for a few very large bugs that Wilson was eager to share, the scenery was awesome.

We travelled along the highway and left the jungle, turning into a steep canyon heading back into the highlands.  Along the way we visited a stunning waterfall – Pailon del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron).

Our next stop was overlooking a beautiful canyon with a waterfall on the opposite side.  Overhead was a zipline heading directly towards the waterfall….we were in for another adventure!  Once across to the other side, we had to hike up this steep trail to access the return zipline – we were really impressed by the engineering of the return platform…

Next on the day was a stop in the adventure capital of Ecuador – the small town of Banos.  Here you can book tours for kayaking, mountain biking, rafting, mountain climbing, or just hang out in a local drinking establishment, like we did!

Wilson also took us to a local shop where an artisan creates ivory like carvings made from the nut of a fruit found in the jungles of Ecuador.  It is as hard as ivory and is a renewable alternative to it.  The work was absolutely beautiful.

After some time in Banos, we all loaded up onto the bus and headed up a mountain road to our next overnight destination. Again, the views were awesome!  As we neared our destination, we were able to see an active volcano in the distance – Tungurahua.  Spectacular!

Our lodging for the night was a small collection of chalets high up on a hillside with an awesome view of the volcano. We were served filet mingon for dinner with the ever fresh selection of veggies, fruits, and homemade breads.  When we awoke the next morning, we noticed a change on the volcano – it had erupted overnight and there was a fresh lava flow down the side!  it was truly spectacular to see.

With one day left on our adventure in Ecuador, all of us in the tour were becoming good friends.  We eagerly anticipated what Wilson had in store for us on our final day, but at the same time did not want the adventure to end….