Feeling Rough

I’m feeling a bit rough today. My grandson was visiting over the weekend and he had a bit of a cold. I think I might have a touch of it coming on….

This is my first post in a series about my upcoming retirement and what I am doing to prepare for the big day. As many of my followers already know, I plan to retire in Cotacachi, Ecuador. If you have been reading my stories about our travels, you know that Giselle and I have visited many times and have settled on Cotacachi as our future retirement home.

On the weekend, I booked my next trip to Ecuador. Air fares have risen slightly, but it is still not too bad. My flight leaves from Vancouver on the morning of February 27th and arrives in Quito in the early hours of the 28th, with a few hours layover in Houston. Just over $1100.00CAD return. There is a less expensive option via Aeromexico for $789.00 but includes a 20 hr layover in Mexico City. I just am not prepared to do that, so United it is….

I am still looking at options for a place to stay, but as a last resort, the Airbnb we stayed at the last couple of times is still available. I have feelers out with friends in Cotacachi keeping an eye out for something comparable but not in the direct centre of town.