One month in…..

Well, today marks exactly one month in to my retirement.  It has been a busy month trying to get organized with my finances, health insurance, actually getting access to my pension and retirement funds, etc.  It would seem that Johnson Controls HR department did not know that I had retired!

After a couple of emails and phone calls, it was determined that management had not processed the proper forms.  Once it was done, POOF, all the apps on my phone that were installed by IT disappeared and I no longer had access to JCI email and programs.

I was finally able to consolidate all the different RRSP funds created in my work portfolio and hand them over to my Sun Life financial advisor.  He has assured me that it all looks good and I should be financially secure over the next 20-30 years or so.  Lets hope so, I have plans…..

I got a ride in on my bike last week.  I called my friend Gord, who is also retired.  He needed no convincing to meet me at McDonalds in about half an hour.  Off we went – 100+kms through some backroads of Pitt Meadows and then in to Surrey.  I had a few errands to do as well that I would not normally get done unless it was a weekend.  It was Tuesday!

Tomorrow, Giselle and I will begin travelling.  We are off to Mexico for 10 days.  Some much needed sunshine is in store.  We will be meeting my cousin Dan Fisher and his lovely wife Rose in Ixtapa.  They are already there.  I asked Dan to book a fishing trip.  He was out last week and he and his brother each caught a beautiful sailfish!  I hope to be successful as well.  I will be blogging from our motel, so stay tuned for more stories….