Cotacachi “Food Fair”

After another 2.5km walkabout, we headed over to the food fair at the mercado to try out some of the dishes.  There are about a dozen stalls to choose from ranging in food choices from fish, chicken, pork, and beef.

After browsing through all the booths, I settled on the “Hornados Dona Mary”.  She had a huge roast pig on display and was begging me to try it!  I settled for the less expensive dish of mote, tortillas, and hornado (a kind of corn, fried potato/cheese cakes, and a huge pile of pulled pork) all for $2.50.  It was delicious!


Giselle settled for a seafood option – fish soup to start and a plate of rice and mixed vegetables with shrimp and lemonade. $3.25.  Her soup was a basic fish broth/chowder with several types of fish in it.


The cafeteria style food fair is clean and well organised, with people in each booth calling out their menus in an attempt to get your attention.  They have “waitresses” that will bring your food to your table once you sit down and then clean up after you are done.  Very similar to the food fairs you see in the malls in Canada, but way less expensive and with much healthier food.


On the way back to our apartment, we stopped at a local bakery for some fresh baked items.  Two empanadas (cheese filled bun) and two cheese buns for fifty cents.


With all this eating out at local establishments, one would think we may end up with some sort of infection or at least some stomach issues.  No problems so far……but we have been warned not to eat from the street vendors.  Maybe that will be our next adventure….