Lions and Tigers and…Pandas!

Today we were bused through the city back to the airport where we boarded a plane to Chongqing, the most populated city in China – over 32 million people, more than in all of Canada!  The security at the airport was extremely strict for a domestic flight.  My backup charger/power supply for my iPhone was confiscated as the amperage output was over the limit!  Other passengers even had their cigarette lighters taken from their checked baggage.  We landed with no difficulties and were driven from the airport to the centre of the city where there is a beautiful park and zoo.

The Chongqing zoo is home to a panda bear breeding facility, among many other exotic animals.  It was an interesting park, and actually very peaceful, right in the centre of this huge metropolis.

After visiting the zoo, it was off to the banks of the Yangtze River, where our next adventure would begin – 4 days aboard a cruise ship floating down the Yangtze River.

Once aboard, we were shown our rooms.  We originally booked a standard, non-balcony room, but when we found it, we were at the stern of the boat, directly above the engine room – very noisy.  We upgraded immediately, and ended up on the third of four decks with a nice balcony.  Well worth the extra money…

Our ship departed after dark and the views of the city were spectacular.